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How is my website Unique?

We sit down with each client and design your website based directly on your ideas and needs based on how you want your website or application to represent your business. Your website is then hand coded by a professional developer from start to finish.

What if I did not see the package type I was looking for?

If you did not see the package you want, or you want to make changes to a package, we will be build you a custom package and price to best fit your budget and needs.

I already have a website, can I keep my web address name?

Absolutely! We can request a transfer on your behalf to bring your existing web address name straight to your newly developed website!

How can I keep my website up to date?

We offer free limited updating for clients who purchase their website outright. We offer full updating for clients who are on our monthly plan. We also offer training to allow you to maintain your own website. If you wish to make large changes to your design or information, we can help with that too!

How long will it take to have my website designed and created?

Each website is unique and the time frames change from one to the next. Typically a basic website can be developed within 3 to 6 weeks.

How can I contact support if I experience problems?

You can send us a message directly from our website, email us at Derek.EmeraldSolutions@gmail.com or call us at 260-385-6344!

When do I pay for my website?

As the client, payment will be collected when your website is developed and ready for display!

How do monthly payment plans work?

As a client, you will pay Emerald Business Solutions your monthly set price for your website services which include hosting, upkeep, and updates. Your set monthly price will not change without your knowledge in advanced.

Can you help us set up Social Media Accounts?

Absolutely! We can set up your business with a Facebook, or twitter account free of charge!

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all forms of major credit cards online. We also accept check or cash as well.

What makes you different than using a web builder such as Wix, Weebly, or Shopify?

Your design is limited to the capabilities of the web builders such as Weebly, Wix, and Shopify. We custom code each individual website with endless capabilites. Also why build it yourself for more when we can do it for less?

Are you currently hiring?

We are always accepting applications for Commission based sales representatives. Message us for more details!

Why are your prices so undercut from the leading competitors?

The answer is simple, Overhead. What we mean by that is our operating and managing costs to efficiently run our company are lowered to be able to pass the savings onto our valued clients.

What if I don't like my design?

You do not pay for your website until you are 100% satisfied with your design!

What other services do you provide?

websites, web applications, advertising flyers, door hangers, signs, brochure design and printing, business cards, banners, graphic design, image manipulation and editing, templates, loyalty cards, SMS / Email notification systems, hardware and P.O.S. support

Do you offer a referral program?

Yes! If you direct another business to our services and a sale has been made, you will earn $5.00 A month off of your plan for an entire year!